Fearless Warriors

Juan Pino


There is nothing to say

or to figure out

I am on my way

seeing myself out

Vootele Ruusmaa: vocals and keyboards

Juan Pino: vocals and percussion

Anna-Maria Huohvanainen: violin

Daniel Helgason: guitar

Fearless Warriors

of the Roseland


Roseland is a landscape where dreams dance as poetry, pictures and sounds.

Started as a collaborative project, the 4 core warriors bring their musical backgrounds and cultural roots together into new compositions, searching for a common ground between Nordic minimalism, eastern flavours and southern passion.

They are all experienced working with dance, poetry and visual arts and we thought this as crossover project where the music is composed and performed as a soundtrack. On one side a soundtrack to the lyrics, the poetry in Estonian, Spanish and English of Pino and Ruusmaa; on the other as musical accompaniment to another artistic action, either being movement or visual.

The compositions are inspired by the roots of our lands, using voices, instruments and poetry to create a new scenario. A meeting between Estonia and Ecuador in a Nordic landscape, between the freezing Baltic sea and the burning sun of the tropical sky, dark eastern poetry and deep mountain drums, mouth harp trance and invisible movements.


The first tour in 2016 brought them to Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland, collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Costa Rica, India and Italy. The tour was supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.