All we really

wanna do

is dance.

Joseph Campbell


I sing, I beat drums, I write poetry, I move bodies and this is my website.


18. November 2022

My new EP "Homes" is out now!
You can listen, download or order the beautiful handmade cassette tapes at Nature Tales bandcamp:

22. February 2022

"Unas alas como mochilas" is a track I made with the new distant friend Bålsam, it is part of the first compilation of the new ambient label Atlantea Records!

5. February 2021

Today my track Inner Fall is out on Nature Tales’ first compilation ‘Winter Meditations’!

Listen, download and support by buying on Bandcamp, or stream on other platforms.

“Winter Meditations” features original works from a major part of all those artists from near and far, who contributed their music to the Nature Tales Live Set and Mix series through the last couple of years.

Coming from all across the world, each bringing their own unique sound to the table and yet, the whole of the album comes together so coherently, as if we all shared the same experience of the winter season.

23. October 2020

Some of my old tracks and new compositions are the soundtrack for the new interactive theatre game TING, created by Ilon Lodewijks. To be on tour in Denmark and Europe from 2021.
Here the short trailer:

1. May 2020

After a year of  break due a concussion recovery, I have now some new music out!

As it seams like the world came into a pause as well, in a collective time of introspection and reconsideration, this is my contribution to it:
Inner Walk / Inner Fall

You can listen, download and donate on bandcamp!

12. April 2019

I just released new music on the net ambient label Nature Tales.
It is a live set of Lullabies together with my dear friend Vootele Ruusmaa from Estonia, you can listen to it here:…/nature-tales-live-set-10-juan-pino…

Lately I haven't been so active here on FB. 9 months ago I hit my head, a mild concussion that demanded me to take a break from most of activities. Still now I rest a lot, relaxing, meditating, gardening and spending time at home with my family.
It is an important time of introspection and learning, something new is maturing also in my way to make music, listen and play.
In the meddle of all this, last winter I went on the island of Samsø with Vootele, in a house by a deserted harbor we composed new music with tiny instruments and our voices.
Inspiration were lullabies from our traditions, sampled or re-tuned for a soundtrack landscape to the simple attempt to... relax...
I sense it is so important in these times, for me and many others. Learn to relax, maybe release, see it passing by, just "sit" and watch it happen by itself.
Stay well, peace!

21. June 2018

This summer I will be playing with my own Tropico del Cancer and Quemando Palabras, as well as with the super group Heilung around Europe!

21/06 Graspop, BE - Heilung

23/06 Hellfest, FR - Heilung

29/09 Ural Music Night, RU - Heilung

05/07 Roskilde Festival, DK - Heilung

13/07 Bobuska CPH, DK - Quemando P.

13/07 Underhuset CPH, DK - Quemando

14/07 Fell into summer CPH, DK -

  Tropico del Cancer

14/07 Tipi am see CPH, DK - Tropico

28/07 Grotto Franci Cevio, CH -

  Quemando Palabras solo

01/08 Wacken OA, DE - Heilung

03/08 Spire Festival, DK - Tropico del C.

16/08 Summer Breeze, DE - Heilung

18/08 Dark Bombastic Evening, RO - H.

23/08 Entremuralhas, PT - Heilung

25/08 Menuo Juodaragis, LT - Heilung

30. April 2018

On the 4th of May 2018 I will release my debut solo album with Tropico del Cancer!

It is called Se Vino Del Cielo, dedicated to my daughter. My wife Rebeckamaria made the beautiful artwork.

To start with it will be available only as a download, for free, from

2. November 2017

A new video for Quemando Palabras song "de la muerte y de otras cosas" is out now!

It is also the last step of the homonym album from 2015. In these 2 years after its release we played 18 concerts in Ecuador, 12 in Denmark, 1 in Switzerland and 1 in Colombia. We released a digital album with its remixes as well as 2 music videos.

Lately I have also been involved in several collaborations, for example with the ampified-history band Heilung, and as solo artist with Tropico del Cancer.

8. June 2017

The new album of Quemando Palabras, "las otras cosas de la luz - remixes" will be out on Sello Regional on the 12th of June!

For its released this video is out now: Verbum Est was remixed by Ego.360 aka Emiliano Gomez and produced in collaboration with Trifolium Films in Ecuador.

2. March 2017

I have just concluded the first round touring with the new album of Quemando Palabras: 15 concerts in Ecuador, 4 in Denmark and 1 in Switzerland.

More will come later this year!

You can see the new live teaser with the Europe line up at our last concert in Copenhagen last year here:

30. December 2016

Among the many activities of this year, I had the chance to move on with my new solo project Tropico del Cancer.

Here is one of 2 art-music-videos recorded at my garden house in Copenhagen and edited by Rakel Thorning-Vater.

Hope you enjoy and see you in 2017!

25. Noviembre 2016

Quemando Palabras está en Quito lanzando el nuevo album "de la muerte y de otras cosas".

Tocaremos 4 conciertos:

30 de noviembre a las 19:

CC Umacantao Chimbacalle FB

1 de diciembre a las 20:

Tacomoquiere Chillin Bar FB

2 de diciembre a las 19:

Teatro Prometeo CCE FB

3 de diciembre a las 22:

Dirty Sanchez Café FB

31. August 2016

I will play 2 concerts with Quemando Palabras in Copenhagen!

- Saturday the 10th of September at Klub Deroute Festival.

- Friday the 16th of September at Operaen in Christiania together with Mambe & Danochilango!

04. July 2016

I am producing some remixes for Quemando Palabras for an album to be released in March 2017, for now you can already listen to some of them here!

In May and June I have been part of the project Sailing City, performances on the Hawila ship at amongs others Click Festival and Distortion.

15. March 2016



I have a new project together with musicians from Estonia, Finland and Iceland, more about it on this page.


I am going to compose and play the music for the next Mute Comp. Physical Theatre performance. I am very happy to join them again for this piece inspired by the great samurai masterwork "The Book of 5 Rings".

"The Strike of No Thought" will have premiere on the 29th of April at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

More info here.


In the beginning of the year I have been traveling in West Bengal learning from an collaborating with local and international artists.

First I was 2 weeks at Milòn Mèla theatre house, inspired by the work of Grotowsky we learned and trained Chhau dance and Kalari martial art.

Later I went to stay with the Kumar family at a village of Chhau dancers in Jarkhand, coming from an ancient form of martial art, Chhau dance represents the great epic wars from the Mahabaratha with big masks and fierce drumming.

I was also 2 weeks in Kolkata for concerts and recordings at the Sufi Sutra world music festival.

I visited dear friends in the Nadia district as well: Samir Giri is a lovely sadhu from Shantipur and Arjun Khyapa a great baul from Goash.

Last but not least I spent 1 week in Rishikesh with my beloved master ShantiMayi and our Sangha.

Deep thanks to everyone I met on the way!

Some photos here.

23. November 2015


"de la muerte y de otras cosas" was released today, you can download it worldwide at: (full stream available)


You can also order the CD at:

Gateway Music shop

(the shop is in Danish but they ship all over the world :-)

29. October 2015


I am very happy to announce the new album "de la muerte y de otras cosas" with my band Juan Pino y Quemando Palabras, it has 3 years of work and breaks... It is inspired by death and the light in and beyond it, dedicated in the loving memory of Søren Koh.

7 songs with lyrics by myself, my father, my cousin Ivan and my uncle Hernán Zuñiga (my father's best friend).

With Iván Pino (rap), Neda Cainero (vocals), Margarita Posada (vocals), Søren Koh Pendrup (sax and clarinet), Tiziano Tomasetti (basses), Alex Opazo (percussion), José Pino (guitar), Daniel Helgason (guitar).

Mixed and mastered by my trusted Ask Kæreby at Audio Expertise.

Artwork by Rebecka Maria Gothen.

It will be released on the 17th of November with, date of the release party as well, at Underhuset in Copenhagen: FB event

16. September 2015

I am now back in the studio for the final recordings and mixing of the new Quemando Palabras album. It is going to be called "De la muerte y de otras cosas", dedicated to my father, my grand father and our dear band member Søren Koh Pendrup, who passed last year.

I am very happy to be back working with Ask Kæreby at the console and I am really looking forward to share the result with you.

Stay updated on the QP facebook page HERE!

31. August 2015

In 1 week I will start percussion workshops for kids and adults at the Casa Latinoamericana in Valby/Copenhagen.

7 Mondays from the 7th of September, more info HERE

30. August 2015

This week I have been in Riga at a workshop with 40 amazing dancers and musicians from Iceland, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. I met truely inspiring new friends and some sessions and new ideas were born.

I also had the chance to give a "lecture" on the relation between music and dance and its view from a ritualistic and philosophical point of view.

Thank you life for these opportunities!

15. August 2015

In these 2 weeks I am helping out my mother with the technical side of her puppet/storytelling solo "Il bosco in valigia" for some shows in Italy, as well as at her international puppet theater festival in Locarno, Switzerland:

Festival Il Castello Incantato

03. August 2015

This week I am participating in a project together with Indian musicians and dancers in Copenhagen, there will be site specific performances in town all the week!

Sufi Science