Las puertas me gustan abiertas

Pa’ que entren los espiritos curiosos

Y salgan los cuerpos cansados

Portrait by Rebecka Gothen

I was born in Quito, Ecuador, the 11th of July 1980 from my father Bruno, poet, actor, puppeteer and painter; and my mother Santuzza, puppeteer, storyteller and theatre author from Switzerland.

At the age of 4 I moved to the Italian part of Switzerland with my mother. There I grew up between puppets, mountains and dreams. When I was 6 I wanted very much to play drums and be on a stage so I got my first teacher in my hometown Locarno: Oliviero Giovannoni. With him I learned a lot from xylophone to all sorts of percussion during 13 years. In my teenage years I beat anything that would fit my grunge, punk and psychedelic temper.

Between 2000 and 2002 I studied music at the Ecole de Jazz et Musique Actuelle in Lausanne (EJMA, a modern jazz conservatory) and at the Institute Jaques Dalcroze in Geneva (music pedagogy through movement). 

To become a jazz drummer wasn’t really for me, so in 2002 I moved to Copenhagen to attend the Centre for Creativity and Theatre 2 years intensive Live and Stage Arts education. There I opened my horizons learning about movement, voice, improvisation, stage awareness and creative process.

After working as a professional musician for 10 years I am now back studying, attending the post graduate program of Musical Accompaniment for Dance at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, I plan to conclude that in 2016.

Bands and projects since 2003:

- Heilung, amplified history, 2017-2018

- Caña Kompañiet, cumbia, 2017-2018

- Fearless Warriors of the Roseland,

  Nordic poetic and experimental folk,


- Quemando Palabras, Latin folk,


- Mambe & Danochilago, digital cumbia

  and global bass, 2016

- Eh Bau, poetic singer-songwriter and

  electronica, 2015-2016

- Klub Deroute, monthly music club in

  Copenhagen, 2012-2016

- Trypical Cumbia, cumbia and latin,


- Valravn, Nordic folktronica,


- The Orient West Choir, contemporary

  arabic/medieval ensemble, 2011-2012

- “Grasping the floor with the back of

  my head”,  performance with Mute

  Comp.,  2008-2012

- SUNA, post-folk, 2003-2011

- Virelai, medieval music,


Teachers on music and performance:

- Barbara Wilson, performance

- Arjun Khyapa, baul music

- Adhar Kumar, chhau dance

- Abani Biswas, Grotowski theatre

- Kim Helweg, David Yoken, Niels Berg

  and Gert Ø. Pedersen: music for dance

- Tina Tarpgaard and Ole Kristensen:

  performance and stage technology

- Dorte Bjerre: contact impro

- Lobsang Palacio: butoh dance

- Ethan Weisgard: aikido

- Mathias Reumert: marimba

- Glen Velez: rhythm and frame drums 

- David Kuckhermann: frame drums

- Murat Coskun: Turkish percussion

- Andrea Piccioni: frame drums

- Paolo Cimmino: tamburello

- Pablo Esteban: medieval percussion

- Lori Cotler: rhythm and kanakkol

- Rhiannon: voice and improvisation

- Oskar Boldre: voice and


- David Worm: vocal percussion

- Susan Albertsen: mask theatre

- Kitt Johnson: dance and movement

- Barbara von Siebenthal: theatre and


- Lars Bo Kujahn: Arabic percussion

- Catia Olivia: rhythm and


- Popol Lavanchy: improvisation

- Claude Buri: music theory

- Andy Appigniani: piano and theory

- Mauro Pesenti: drumkit

- Oliviero Giovannoni: rhythm and