Silent is


with sound

John Cage

Rhythm &


I teach rhythm and percussion, both privately as in groups, kids and adults.

Contact me to hear if there is some groups or workshops going on!

I take inspiration from several tradition as well as modern concepts and I develop everything depending on the needs and wishes from the students.

Here some of my focus in the teaching:

- Playfulness and spontaneity

- Body awareness and movement

- Sing the rhythm and dance the


- Rhythm patterns and rhythmical


- The Indian way of learning rhythm

through singing syllables

- Application of traditional rhythms in a

  contemporary context or into a modern


- Application of the rhythms on any

  instrument or voice

Instruments I teach on a basic and intermediate level:

- davul (bass drum from Turkey)

- bombo (bass drum from the Andes)

- djembé/alegre (Africa/Colombia)

- frame drums (the most ancient form

  of drum in several traditions)

- cajon (afro-peruvian wood box, also

  known in flamenco)

Creativity &


I offer individual and group coaching, as a workshop or leading to a performative result.

I have been on a stage since I was a child and lately I have been more and more researching on the role of performing arts in our world today and the scene as ritual place for social and spiritual transformation. Body and space awareness are an important tool, using several ways of approach from my own experience and training.

I also give lectures on the matter.